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ABOUT USZhen Zheng handmade steam pau are purely handmade with quality premium ingredients and are exquisitely prepared to achieve perfect unison between color, aroma and taste. The founder of Zhen Zheng handmade steam pau, Master Xie, took an apprenticeship at an early age, studying hard in picking up the necessary skills for the steam pau. 45 years of experience in the steam pau industry mastered him with skillful skills. He cooperated with famous masters to improve the quality of the handmade steam pau. Master Xie is a rare traditional handmade bun master in Singapore. Handmade pau are different from the machine-made pau as they cannot be mass produced rapidly. They must be handmade one by one. Zhen Zheng steam pau are of excellent quality with carefully selected fresh ingredients. In the process of making the steam pau, the proportion of ingredients and the time for the fermentation and the steaming of the pau must be strictly controlled to create juicy, refreshing and chewy pau. Excellent taste, generous fillings and supreme texture linger in your mouth. Zhen Zheng handmade steam pau received praise from diners, countless visitors, mainly because of Master Xie’s unique mindset and pursuit of excellence in making the steam pau. After years of continuous development and innovation, the varieties of the steam pau become much richer. To pass on this craft, ‘retain the craft and retain the taste’, Master Xie intends to discover and bring up a trustworthy successor who can wholeheartedly make this undertaking bigger and stronger, so that the skill can be passed on from generation to generation.

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